About My Work

My work takes many different forms, but the underlying content, is often the same, for me this is what creativity is all about. Form arises from the dictates of inspiration. Content is the essence of art, and form is a vehicle to serve expression. To serve that expression, form must bend to the ever changing demands of creativity.

Although I was always interested in art and created art from an early age, I only seriously considered becoming a painter after traveling through Europe at the age of 18. This was the galvanizing experience that awakened the desire to paint, as a lifetime endeavor. This Trip was a homecoming and introduction into the world of culture. The history and beauty of Europe sparked my creative imagination and began the serious pursuit of painting.

My first serious creative works, were drawings in pastel taken from photographs. These early works turned out to be easy, compared to the later works that would require much more imagination and effort. I came to realize that the truly valuable aspects of Art could only be found deep below the surface and this began my search to paint from the source rather than from images.

After taking a college course on painting, I realized that acquiring the instruction I needed may be a difficult task. I decided to learn from the best by studying the great artists throughout history, by way of art books. This posed a dilemma because it was hard to decipher how the paint was actually applied. This left the challenge of creating technique according to an inner vision, rather than duplicating it.

The study of the great artists was more a study of their perspective than of how they applied paint. This was difficult, to invent a way of painting, rather than to follow a given format. Although I gain much from the history of art, my work is now guided more by an inner compass, rather than an external vision. My work varies greatly, because I am most interested in experiencing some new place and learning as much about art as possible.

Many areas of interest are the inspiration for my paintings. I may repeat themes or a way of painting, but only for a season until led in a new direction. This is what art is to me, a world of diversity, richness and adventure. People are multi faceted, so why should our art reflect anything less than the complexity, that is inherent in each individual.